⚡️ThunderETH is a unique 💰💰Double Reward Reflection Token using the Power of 80/20: 80% invest for now & mid term, 20% for long-term future.

What is $ThunderETH?

Introducing ThunderETH, the First Token of its type to provide its users with double reflection rewards💵💵, at a ratio of 80% given in ETH which will provide immediate benefits to the user short & mid term, and 20% provided in THOREUM specifically built to provide profit for long term investors.

Just 💪hold ThunderETH to earn 2️⃣0️⃣% ETH (8% from buy + 12% from sell) and 5️⃣% THOREUM (2% from buy+ 3% from sell), a long-term x1000 token, every buy & sell transaction, automatically every 60 minutes.

That’s right, simply hold ThunderETH and you will receive two other tokens as reflections, split 80/20. These two tokens have been carefully chosen for you, to provide both an immediate benefit and a long-term benefit.

After careful consideration we have selected both ETH and Thoreum to be the two tokens most likely to provide our users with instant funds, both in the form of passive income, and also give them the best opportunity to profit long term, in the form of an increase in value of these reflection tokens.

Below we shall investigate the benefits of these two great projects and show how providing reflections in these two tokens will fulfill our plans for our userbase.

🥞80% ETH. Currently, ETH’s token price is hovering around the $3,100 mark, but market analysts predict that we will see an increase to $6,200 by the end of the year, and further increase to $17,810 by the end of 2025 (Forbes.com).

For ThunderETH, ETH is an excellent project to align ourselves with, our users can stake their ETH and gain great passive income from today whilst seeing the value of their ETH grow and grow over the coming few months.

⚡️20% THOREUM. Thoreum’s current valuation of $0.023 is vastly below the potential that this project has, once mining is completed, a realistic estimate for the value of Thoreum would be $1.00 but will take some time to reach this point, estimates are from 1-2 Years.

Built to be the next Safemoon, a Safemoon 2.0, with features never before seen in the world of crypto, such as their Thor's Thunder account with its Buy Back and Burn technology (Currently sitting on 4,900+ BNB and increasing by around 100 BNB per day) 🔥and their Thunder Boost pools which allow their users to both receive reflections of Thoreum and other non-native tokens, tax-free 🚀are both incredible.

All of this whilst also being hyper deflationary, Thoreum’s price is expected to x100 within the next year or two at the latest.

We have carefully considered these two projects and are happy to provide our users with reflections in these two tokens at a ratio of

🔷 80% ETH


Yes, but what does this mean for our users, now?

Simply hold ThunderETH and every 60 minutes you will receive reflections in both ETH and Thoreum split 80/20 for FREE.

💵💵This ETH will increase in value and can be staked for passive income. The Thoreum will over time increase in value but will immediately start receiving more Thoreum as passive income or can be staked in Thunderboost to receive passive Thoreum and a THIRD token, depending on the pool.

We hope that this satisfies your needs as a user we have catered to each requirement by providing great reflections, hourly auto compounding, passive income in stable platforms, and a gateway into two great projects one which has the potential to 3x-5x and the other the potential to 100x.

Simply hold $THUNDERETH and get reflections rewarded at a rate of 80% ETH and 20% THOREUM, automatically delivered to your wallet every 60 minutes.🚀

💙Web: https://thunderETH.app/

💙Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/ThunderETHapp

💙Telegram Official Channel: https://t.me/ThunderETHchannel

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